What Do You Want To Do After Corona?

What Do You Want To Do After Corona?

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I thought about this question a lot over the weekend, what do I want to do after Corona that I’ve not been able to do for the past 12 months since lockdown began?

What do you want to do?

Everyone’s list is so different so I’m curious to see what YOU miss and what you will do the minute life goes back to normal. Maybe you can tell me here in the comments section or on Instagram - you can tag me #hbound and I’ll look for your list!

Here is my list:

  1. Spend time on the beach in Denmark and relax in a nice little rental cottage by the sea.

  2. Go skydiving in the Netherlands.

  3. See a concert. Actually bought some Weeknd tickets already.

  4. Go to a music fest and dance all night. How about Tomorrowland?

  5. Go to my favorite little cocktail bar here in my area and see all of my friends there again (it was our meeting spot before).

  6. Go to Paris to just BE IN PARIS and be inspired.

  7. Go up to Berlin to visit my friend - I love Berlin and I haven't seen my buddy in a while.

  8. Relax in cafes locally and eat salads and enjoy some cocktails.

  9. MOVIE THEATER! I miss it!

  10. Fitness studio - YES I will go now, I promise!

  11. Dinner out with my friends - miss Sean so much and just laughing with him

  12. Flea marketing again. Shop some goodies.

  13. Teaching workshops again and being creative with others.


  15. Signing up for a cooking class (for me!)

  16. Going back to the trampoline park and JUMPING!!!

  17. Go roadtripping again ... nothing I miss more.

  18. Finally go to Belgium and Scotland.

What’s your list look like?

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