Inspirational Home Office Desks and Workspaces To Get Creative

Inspirational Home Office Desks and Workspaces To Get Creative

Over the past two years, more and more of us have been forced or have voluntarily chosen to work from home rather than in a dedicated office. For some, this change has been very welcome, and we at hbound can well understand that. 

Our home should be, on the one hand, a cozy place where we can escape reality and, on the other hand, a beacon of inspiration where creative juices can flourish. Often it is our closest surroundings that strongly influence our thoughts, beliefs and moods - be it people or the environment.

Below we have compiled some work areas that we feel are particularly well designed and motivating to work in.

Beautifully Designed Mid-Century Desk

brown desk worksapce, minimal interior design, home office inspiration


Perfectly integrated workspace under a staircase

smart use of staircase, minimal living, workspace design, home office inspo


Funky yellow bedroom design with macrame nuances

yellow interior decor, home office inspiration, minimal bedroom design idea


Fitness/Leisure combined with a working space for optimal balance

home office space, workspace design ideas, interior decor inspiration, beautiful bedroom dsign


Modern approach to a minimal work space with wall decor

Minimal work space idea, minimalist living inspo, home office inspo


Bohemian-style workspace with green touches

bright workspace, contemporary home office design, organized desk ideas

Adding plants and wall art to your rooms is going to have huge effects on the overall aesthetic of the room, so make sure to check out our collections at

Happy decorating!

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