Who Are We?

HBOUND was founded in 2018 by two German students - Max and Robin. After a lot of ups and downs (and temporary closures) we decided to re-launch this project in early 2021...but better.

The motivation behind HBOUND was the creation of comfortable and productive homes at affordable prices. This is best realized by sourcing timeless, minimal art pieces to decorate your home and positively impact your well-being.

We ultimately decided to pursue different paths but seemingly every step we took has brought us back to here...every road leads to HBOUND?


Over the past few years we experienced a lot and grew along the way. Especially reinforcing was the global pandemic because it did ONE thing:

It made us all spend more time at home and even work there. So why not spend all that time in the best possible way?

Our mission is to be a companion...a daily reminder of what matters most in life. And we believe the best way to start is with your surroundings.


CLICK HERE if you want to learn more about the principles and mantras we base all of our decisions on.