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Decorative Artificial Wall Panels

Decorative Artificial Wall Panels

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I like plants, plants don't like me.

If you're also a proud plant-parent, then you know how tough it can get. Spice up your home with one of our decorative artificial plant collection and make your life easier. Goodbye to headaches caused by stubborn foliage!

Our lush Decorative Artificial Wall Panels are bursting from walls or baskets as lifelike as real ones. Put it in and around your house to turn it into a home filled with color. Decorative plants are also a great add-on to make flower boxes look fuller!


✔️ Size: 60 x 40cm (per panel)

✔️ Package Includes: 1 panel

✔️ To clean it, simply brush them with a wet towel or sponge!

(Note: Due to the production and packaging process, slight odors can occur. Simply put them in a cool, well-ventilated space for a litte and they'll be as good as new.)

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