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Bohemian Dreamcatcher

Bohemian Dreamcatcher

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"The PERFECT accent for any home!"

Give your home a colorful feel-good atmosphere with our Bohemian Dreamcatcher - a dreamy visual experience!

💡 SOME FACTS - Dreamcatchers originated in the 18th century in Native American Culture.

Natives believe that the night air is full of floating dreams and the wisdom left behind by their ancestors - both good and bad.

Dreamcatchers filter this so that only beautiful dreams can enter your dreamland.

💖 BEAUTIFUL MEANING - It's said that only good dreams can pass through the holes and flow through the feathers ... nightmares will be caught in the net.

From now on, you can enjoy rejuvenating sleep or simply a relaxing vibe in the comfort of your bed ... whenever you want - BOOSTING your mood wherever you go!

🎨 ARTISTIC DESIGN - Our Bohemian Dreamcatcher keeps you away from bad spirits and dreams while providing dreamy lighting.

It's the perfect decor for your home and a great addition to your other wall art.

You can hang it in your bedroom, your children's room, on a balcony, as decor for a party or even for weddings!

😇 REAL RELAXATION - Humans have unlearned how to really relax and we forgot all the countless opportunities to turn our minds off for once.

Our Bohemian Dreamcatcher can help you calm down and get rid of stress in your life.

💯 PREMIUM QUALITY - This Bohemian Dreamcatcher is woven with high-quality materials and traditional manufacturing techniques to create very beautiful and durable pieces.

🎁 THE PERFECT GIFT - You're looking for the PERFECT present for a loved one? You found it. Our Bohemian Dreamcatcher is the perfect gift for every occasion!

Length: Approx. 95cm (37.4") 

Only the Star comes with additional lights.

Stay ahead of the curve and get your one-of-a-kind Bohemian Dreamcatcher - idyllic sleep for pocket change!

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