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David Head Vase

David Head Vase

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Accents of Renaissance high-art for an empowering visual experience

Give your home a powerful feel-good atmosphere with our Flower Vase version of David by Michelangelo. Being arguably the most famous underdog story of all time, "David v Goliath" represents much more than just a tale - it's a reminder of your own worth.

"David v Goliath" is the story of an ordinary man overcoming a seemingly unconquerable challenge and triumphantly coming out on top. In the 16h century, unassuming Michelangelo channeled this deeper meaning into his work to create the most famous statue of all time.

This is a piece of art that remind you of the truly magnificent things you're capable of - even if it doesn't seem so at times.

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✔️ - Measures ~16.5cm.

✔️ - Made from high-quality resin.

✔️ - Thorough quality control and careful packaging guaranteed. 

You can also take a look at our David Statue "Golden Cut" for a perfect complimentary piece of art to your vase.




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