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LED Wall Lamp & Clock

LED Wall Lamp & Clock

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A modern art piece for a dreamy visual experience

The great combination of retro and modern art: our timeless wall clocks are guaranteed to bring new light to any room you choose to place them in. Give your home a colorful feel-good atmosphere with our LED Wall Lamp & Clock - a dreamy visual experience!

Mindfulness starts right here. Modern living requires self-care via thoughtful design in all aspects. It's about the life you live but also about what you surround yourself with and the pieces you lay your eyes on every day.

What better than combining both with a non-ordinary timepiece that does its job in style?

✔️ - No tedious ticking so you won't get disturbed

✔️ - Highly crafted built quality & manufactured with care

✔️ - A minimal art piece that helps your mental well-being


  • Package includes the wall clock & the necessary bulbs

  • Batteries have to be purchased separately

  • Note: Connect the clock to an electrical socket to make it work!

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