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Retro Face Sculpture "Virtue"

Retro Face Sculpture "Virtue"

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"Speech is silver, silence is golden."

The virtue of speaking well, rightly and effectively also includes the capacity to stay silent, when the situation demands so. Besides earning respect and acceptance, needless problems can be obviated because one is a slave of the words he utters while being a master of those he chooses not to speak.

The thinker statue is a great reminder to listen more, talk less, and keep some things to yourself.

This abstract statue is produced by cold casting. It is made of environmentally friendly resin and sandstone. No peculiar smell, non-toxic. It has an amazing sand texture.

🎁 THE PERFECT GIFT - You're looking for the PERFECT present for a loved one? You found it. This is a great reminder and educator, advising people on the importance of wondering and nurturing the mind before talking.

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